Thinkery: Helps You Manage Your Life if You Live On the Web


I’ve been looking for an app which could handle snippets of information. I’m a heavy Evernote user, but I don’t want my account cluttered with ephemeral stuff — quick notes to myself, bookmarks for an article I’m researching and will never use again once the article’s done, links to videos… I’ve got thousands of notes in Evernote already. If I persist in filling it with ephemera, it makes important stuff harder to find.

Over the past year, I’ve tried several apps which live in the Mac OS X menu bar, but that’s packed already. Besides, none of them measured up.

A friend recommended Thinkery, a Web app.

On the app’s site, this resonated with me,

* “Tired of spending more time organising your todo list than actually doing it? #yeah

* Sitting in the office and don’t want to spam your private mail account with cool links, videos, images, etc.? #hellyeah

* Don’t have time to watch a video, find a song or read an article right now? Want to read it later? #f*ckyeah”

Yes, to all of the above. :-)

After using it for a few hours, here’s what I like most, a single field for both entries and search:


This makes it amazingly simple just to dump stuff in Thinkery.

I’ve no idea whether I’ll keep using it long-term. However, it’s got a bookmarklet so you can enter stuff at a click, plus keyboard shortcuts; both features help save time. (And deleting stuff is easy.)

If you’re looking for lots of documentation, you’re out of luck. However, there’s a Thinkery Blog which gets you up to speed.

Check out the Tools page for bookmarklets for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Author: Angela Booth

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