Get Visual: Make Explanations with Clarify

If you're looking for a great screenshot app, try Clarify
If you’re looking for a great screenshot app, try Clarify


I’m a long-term Skitch user; I begged for an invitation when the app was in beta, years ago.


However, much as I love Skitch — and I do, even though I think it’s gone backwards in usability recently — you can only take one screenshot at a time. Yes, you can drag your screenshots into MS Word to create a document. Or you can do a video.

However, the MS Word process is messy, and videos take time to set up. Of course, the person to whom you’re sending the video also has to watch it.

The Clarify screenshot app makes life easier because you can take screenshots in sequence. They’re loaded into a document as you snap away with a keyboard shortcut. You can take ten screenshots in less than a minute. Then you can annotate your screenshots, plus add text commentary if you need to. Once you’re done, with just a few clicks, you can convert the document to PDF, or share it online or via email.


I’ve no idea how much time Clarify saves me in my daily work with my writing students. I’m sure that it’s at least an hour on busy days.

Although I still use Skitch because I’m so accustomed to it, whenever I have to take more than a single screenshot I use Clarify.

Clarify is the little brother of ScreenSteps, Blue Mango Learning System’s document creation app. I’ve used ScreenSteps for several years. I hesitated over buying Clarify, since I already had ScreenSteps, but I’m thrilled with it.

If you need a screenshot app because you’re teaching, or need to help customers, Clarify will pay for itself in less than a day.

Author: Angela Booth

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