Twitter Attack: What To Do If You Got Hit


If you can’t log in to your Twitter account, and you’re an early user of Twitter, chances are you’ve been affected by the attack on Twitter.

A quarter of a million users were affected, and they were all early users of Twitter.

Why early users? This article from theguardian, Twitter hack: how to find out if you’re affected, and what to do | Technology | says:

“Why did they go after the early adopters of Twitter?

Probably they didn’t, directly. Chris Applegate speculates that the method by which the hack was done gave the attackers access to its database, and forced it to list the user details – but they were by default provided in ascending order – that is, from user No.1 upwards. That means that Twitter’s founders such as Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams have almost certainly been affected.”

If you’ve been affected, you’ll be asked to reset your password. If you don’t get a “password reset” message immediately, check your spam folder… (Sigh) I forgot to do that.

Think you’re affected? You may be, if you joined Twitter years ago.

Something to be aware of: as the article points out, even if you’re logging in to Twitter via a third-part application like HootSuite, you need to go to to see whether you can access the site.

If you’re affected, you won’t be able to log in. You’ll need to get Twitter to send you to a password reset page. (I did that four times, and finally found the messages in my spam folder…)

The article reports that it wasn’t an amateur attack; it was sophisticated. Scary stuff.

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Author: Angela Booth

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