Tumblr Advertising: It’s All About Community

Yes, I still love my Tumblr blog. Yesterday I wrote about why Tumblr is appealing to businesses (an engaged audience.)

Although it’s five years old, and has an audience of 165.5 million a month, according to this article, Tumblr’s next step: Become a real business | CES 2013 – CNET Blogs, Tumblr’s only just starting to pay attention to advertising, with a new strategy:

“That strategy is all about storytelling in a way that is holistic to the Tumblr community. Units are meant to be compelling and on par with high-quality television spots. On Tumblr, advertisers don’t have pages — they have blogs, just like regular users, which means brands must be creators and interesting contributors to the community in order to participate. For this reason, so-called self-service units are off-limits, said Gottfrid, who added that Tumblr is still undecided as to whether it wants to create a self-service component at all.”

Ad packages on Tumblr start at $25,000.

Even with my limited experience on the platform of just a few weeks, I can vouch for the fact that Tumblr fosters community. Tumblr recognizes that; it’s unique. Neither Twitter nor Facebook have the same kind of community feel. Google+ is trying for a similar cosy feeling with its Communities.

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Author: Angela Booth

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