Tumblr’s Pretty (And There’s Nothing Wrong With That)

Tumblr Archives

I’ve been playing with my new Tumblr blog for a few weeks now. Here’s what I like about the Tumblr blogging tool:

* It’s pretty

* It’s easy to use

* It handles graphics like a dream

* The archives look great ( see the above image — why can’t WordPress’s archives look like this?)

I’m impressed with the archives. They’re readable. You can see exactly what each post contains. Run your mouse over a snippet, and you’ll see how many posts you created on that particular day.

As I said in a previous post, I think image marketing was the big news of 2012, and I think it will stay big in 2013.

The major blogging platform WordPress is becoming more image-friendly too, and apparently WordPress will be stripped down in future versions. The most recent version, 3.5:

If you’ve been around WordPress a while, the most dramatic new change you’ll notice is a completely re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries. Media has long been a friction point and we’ve listened hard and given a lot of thought into crafting this new system. 3.5 includes a new default theme, Twenty Twelve, which has a very clean mobile-first responsive design and works fantastic as a base for a CMS site.

So, images in WordPress are now easier to manage, and if you check out the Twenty Twelve theme, it’s a blank slate… WordPress is starting to feel a lot like Tumblr. It will be interesting to see what the 2013 versions of WordPress bring. My guess is that WordPress is aiming for a more minimalist environment. This is a good thing; WordPress sites will look good on all devices, and you’ll be able to update your site on a device too, if the backend is stripped down.

Tumblr for business?

I’ve been asked about Tumblr for business websites.

Tumblr offers some business-friendly options:

… such as monitoring and analyzing traffic to your Tumblr blog with Google Analytics. Also, you can apply a custom domain name to a Tumblr blog, meaning you can use Tumblr as the primary website or blog for your business. Using a custom domain name can improve the search visibility of your Tumblr blog.

If you want to use Tumblr as a business blog, why not? We’re all time-poor these days. When you use Tumblr, you’ll be able to blog, even if you think you have “no time” to blog.

I’m enjoying Tumblr hugely; it might be just the thing for your business.

Author: Angela Booth

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