Giggle of the Day: The Funniest Book Review Ever

I’ve read this book review several times, and laughed each time. It’s outrageously funny.

Here’s the first paragraph, Suzanne Moore on Vagina by Naomi WolfGuardian – Hatchet Job of the Year:

“BY NOW we all know that Naomi Wolf has mind-blowing orgasms. I must say globally this has been a concern. Was this woman getting enough? Yes, oh yes, she has got a book’s worth. I read Vagina: A New Biography in a bar while feasting on some very fine cuts of meat, so I am not just judging it by the extracts, ie the insane pasta party where ‘Alan’, a supposed friend, served her ‘cuntini’. This trauma upset her for six months. Someone give her a hotdog quick to spare us more of this existential despair.”

I haven’t read the book, and I won’t. Life’s too short. And I don’t need to after reading the review.

The review’s been shortlisted for the Hatchet Job of the Year award.

I’ve read a couple of the other reviews on the shortlist, and this one is just plain unkind:

Is self-plagiarism an offence in academia? I suppose it is better than plagiarising others, but I wonder what the professor would say if his students were to produce essays which, on closer inspection, turned out to be copied from essays they’d given in earlier?

Read the reviews; they’re gems. If you enjoy books and reading, they’ll make you smile.

Author: Angela Booth

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