Copywriting Master Class Offering: Limited Time

Copywriting Master Class - Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius

Want to create your own copywriting business? This online copywriting class consists of ten lessons. They're structured so that you learn copywriting, and build your copywriting business, under the guidance and instruction of Angela Booth. Enroll now.


“Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” – takes you from beginner to copywriting pro in a complete copywriting class.

Enjoy writing? Imagine starting and running your own highly successful copywriting services business, under the guidance of a top copywriter… or, if you’re in business, writing your own HOT copy…

Take this online copywriting training course to become a pro copywriter, FAST.

Read the full program description — you’ll discover what copywriting training can do for you. If you want to change your life, your new career can begin immediately.

How difficult is it to get started as a copywriter?

With a great copywriting training course, it’s amazingly easy. Even if you’ve never been paid for writing before, you can write copy, and get paid to do it. My copywriting ebook and coaching package Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success has been helping writers to start and run their own copywriting services businesses since 2002.

My bestselling copywriting ebook becomes a copywriting class: now you get my personal guidance as you write copy and get clients — it’s a complete online copywriting course

Over the years, I’ve often been asked to turn my copywriting ebook package into a copywriting class, for people who want direct, step by step, copywriting instruction – so I have.

This is your opportunity to get my complete guidance as you build your own copywriting services business in a ten-week copywriting class, in exactly the same way my private coaching students do.

Read the full program description – you’ll discover what copywriting training can do for you. If you want to change your life, your new career can begin immediately.

Begin your copywriters’ training today — I’m looking forward to writing with you. :-)

Join us for “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius”, which helps you to:

* Develop your own copywriting services business;

* Discover professional copywriting tricks, such as how to write copy fast, how to get clients to come to you, and how to write everything from advertisements to press releases and speeches;

* Learn the secrets of getting and keeping clients;

* Become a professional, trained copywriter.

I’ve had several queries about the coaching — yes, the training is complete. You receive coaching.

Join us. We’ll have lots of fun. :-)

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Copywriter Angela Booth's clients tell her she performs "word magic." Whether she's writing advertising materials, Web content, or ghostwriting for her clients, she's committed to helping them to achieve results, fast. Author of one of the first books about online business, Making The Internet Work For Your Business, Angela's written many business books which have been published by major publishers. She's an enthusiastic self-publisher and writing teacher.