Evernote for Mac: Major Update — Shortcuts, YES!


Evernote is my most-used application, because I can use it anywhere — on my Mac, my phone, and my iPad. I have dozens of notebooks in Evernote, and when I get a new client, I’ll set up a shared notebook for them.

Much as I love Evernote however, it has drawbacks. I love the ability to read and write anywhere, as well as take photos and keep voice notes, but once you have thousands of notes, the app can be chaotic.

The search function leaves a lot to be desired, for one thing. For another, finding current working notes across notebooks is frustrating.

Evernote 5 promises to repair those two deficiencies:

Drag your favorite notes, notebooks and tags into the Shortcuts area for quick access.

Recent Notes
Quickly jump back to what you were working on using Recent Notes, which displays your 5 most recently-edited notes.

Here’s Evernote’s video of What’s New in Evernote 5.

Author: Angela Booth

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