Email Marketing Shockers: Get Your Email Campaigns Ready for the Holidays

Holiday Email Campaigns

Getting your email marketing campaigns ready for this holiday season?

The 2012 WhatCounts Holiday Email Marketing Guide has some wonderful insights, Holiday email marketing resources 2012:

“Retail Email Guide to the Holiday Season: 6th edition of this annual report from Chad White and Responsys looks at different holiday opportunities and tactics you can exploit, based on hundreds of monitored retailer campaigns.”

Insights you can use

* Consider campaigning on weekends

The volume of email picks up in the week before Thanksgiving, then hits its stride after December 1, with the greatest volumes sent in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Most emails were sent out in the middle of the week. The insight: do some of your holiday email marketing on the weekend, so that your emails stand out.

* Open rates were nearly as high on Saturdays, as they were on Thursdays

Since the competition is less on Saturdays, guess when you should be sending out emails?

* Email open rates drop in December

In some cases, click-throughs rates dropped to just one percent in December. What a shocker! Now you know, you can take action to combat that.

Tip: improve your offers, and hit social media to make sure that your offers get noticed.

* Open rates strongly affected actions

If your emails were opened in the 2011 holiday season, you got business. So, your challenge this season is to raise your email open rates.

Tip: do something — anything — to get attention, so that you increase your open rates.

* Consumers start searching for gifts earlier than you think

Did you know that consumers start their holiday shopping as early as the last week in October? This means that you need to have your email marketing campaigns ready to fire in November. Keep firing away until December 25.

Last year, most email marketers slacked off in mid-November, when they should have been sending out messages. Now you know what NOT to do this year.

Start your planning for your holiday email marketing push today — be ready to start sending in November.

Author: Angela Booth

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