Get the News Out About Your Blog Posts


Although I love reading blogs, I rarely get more than a couple of minutes to read them, usually while I’m doing something else — waiting for the coffee to be ready at home, or while waiting for a meeting to start when I’m out.

Everyone’s busy. Keep that in mind when you post to your blog, especially if it’s a business blog. There’s so much content around today, and everyone’s so busy, that you need to do more than blog: you need to get the news out about your blog posts.

This article, Top 10 Tips to Maximize the Life of a Blog Post! | The Marketing Nut, offers some excellent advice, especially this tip:

“Send an email to your list and include all content created. Send the email to your list of subscribers with a short summary of the content and why they should read it, including how it can help them solve business problems or improve their life.  Include mention of and links to both the blog post and video. This works like a charm. I do this all the time and get many personal emails back thanking me for doing such.”

You do have an email list, don’t you? I nag my copywriting clients about email marketing. Too few companies do it. Email is another way to stay in touch with your audience, and if you have a blog, you need to let them know when you’ve posted content.

We mentioned blogging your “old” content.

You get new prospects and customers every day. Do they know you have a blog? Are they aware that they can contact you via your blog, or via social media? Your blog posts should be part of your sales channel, so include them in your email marketing. And of course, if you don’t yet have a mailing list; create one today.

I’m in awe of how well some companies use email. For example, Hungry Girl does an amazing job. The company sends out daily emails, with recipes and other interesting content.

You don’t have to turn email marketing into an extravaganza. Using email to get the news out about your blog posts is simple to do; indeed, many mailing list services will send out links to your latest blog posts daily, or weekly.

Tip: when you’re planning your blogging, plan your promotions at the same time.

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Author: Angela Booth

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