Writing Articles – Three Tips for Success

Writing articles is an easy way to make money online if you’re just starting out on the Web. It can also boost any marketing strategy, bringing you more customers and sales. You can even base an entire business on articles.

I love writing articles and what it does for my business. If you’re not getting the success you want with your articles, these three tips will help.

1. Set goals for your articles – what do you want your articles to do?

Writing articles needs to be part of your strategy, so that you have a definite measurable goal for each article you write.

Let’s see how setting goals works in practice. Bill has a “cooking for kids” Web site. He set it up as a hobby, but it’s getting good traffic, and he’s making a small income. He wants to increase his income, and is writing articles as part of a marketing strategy.

He wants his articles to bring traffic to a new section of his site, focused on food allergies. He’s written the content, and a small report, which he offers site visitors as a free download.

He’s writing some 30 articles, over the course of several weeks, aimed at getting traffic to this new section of his site. This is his goal for the articles. It’s a measurable goal – he’ll review the traffic he gets in his Web statistics, as he writes and posts his articles to article directories.

2. Remember keywords, so your readers will find your article

Bill knows that the people who are interested in food allergies will find his articles via the search engines. Therefore, before he starts writing, he does some keyword research, to discover exactly which terms people use.

He then includes those keywords in his articles, with the primary keyword as part of an article’s title.

3. Create an overall strategy for your article writing

If you’ve tried writing articles before and are convinced that it doesn’t work, the reason it didn’t work for you is because you didn’t have an overall strategy for your article writing.

Staying with Bill’s situation, article writing is part of his overall marketing strategy. He sets goals for all articles he writes, and follows up on all his articles.

He checks his Web statistics once a week, and he knows exactly where his traffic is coming from, and how much traffic a particular article sends him. If an article sends lots of traffic because people are searching using a keyword, he adds more content to his site supporting that traffic. And he writes additional articles on that term too.

Writing articles is a wonderful way to make money online. Follow the above tips, and you’ll be thrilled with the results you get.

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Author: Angela Booth

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