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Work with veteran leading copywriter and ghostwriter, Angela Booth. Angela works with companies all over the world, providing clear sales communications and increasing sales. Author of business books by major publishers, Angela offers ghostwriting services too, helping you to publish magazines and books which enhance your reputation.

If you're a small business owner, or solo entrepreneur, get in touch. While there are many ways to market, you need the right venues to promote your offerings to the perfect audience for

Need Web content? Angela's book
"Making the Internet Work for Your Business", was one of the first business books guiding companies to make sales online. With many websites of her own, Angela knows the Web; she'll help you to develop content which meets your business goals.

For more information, please Google "Angela Booth" -- Angela was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. She has an extensive online presence.

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Putting it into words for you...

Let's look at ways in which we can work together...

Kindle Self-Publishing is HOT, So Write YOUR Book Now

Amazon's sold millions of Kindles, and people love to read on their iPads.

If you're selling online, pay attention: the Web attracts browsers, but Amazon attracts BUYERS.

I offer a range of Kindle publishing services, for businesses, marketers and writers, including ghostwriting.

Contact me today if you've been eyeing the Kindle Ebook Store, and wondering what it can do for you.

(Initial consultations are obligation-free.)

Sales and Marketing Copywriting

Got something to sell?

I've been writing advertising copy for companies small and large since the 1980s. These days, I'm doing more Web copywriting, and I'm helping clients to set up Web sales channels. Contact me to chat, or brief me.

Writing: Websites and Web content

I have many sites of my own, and work with clients too. From concept and execution to marketing, I'll help you develop a site which is practical and does the job you want.

If you need content for a site, my team and I can create Web content which performs to get you the results you want.

Professional Blogging: Social Media Marketing

I have many blogs of my own; I'm a blogging evangelist and started blogging long before it was a fashionable business activity.

We can work together in various ways. If you need a blog for your business, I can help you to conceptualize, and plan your blog, and get it established with traffic. If you have an underperforming blog, we can kickstart it together.

Set and forget business blogging

Need content? I adore blogging, so I'm happy to create great blog content which meets your business goals and makes sales. It's set and forget. Once a week, or once a month, we'll chat and brainstorm content, and it will appear on your blog, and be promoted on social media, just like magic.

On the other hand, if you're just too busy to blog, blog management is the answer.

Blog, without effort: quality content, blog promotion and social media marketing

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Contact me, to discuss managing your blog. Not only do you get magazine-quality content, we handle blog promotion and social media marketing too.

Ghostwriting: Information Products and Marketing

Info products can be huge sellers online. I write and sell many information products for writers, and I ghostwrite products for others.

We can work together to get your product out the door and selling, or I can handle the complete product development and marketing cycle for you... Get in touch, and tell me about your challenges.

Ghostwriting: Get Help to Write Your Book

Writing a book can be a lonely endeavor.

I can help you to get started on your book, to keep going if you're stuck, and to sell your book in various formats. Alternatively, I can write your book for you. I'll handle everything from the initial idea, to print or digital publication.

What to write and sell a Kindle ebook? Kindle self-publishing is hot. Let me write your book for you, or help you to write it yourself.

Perhaps you've already written a book, or maybe you just have an idea... I can help you to write a book proposal to get an agent and a publisher.

Let's talk.

For Writers: Writer Education and Coaching

I love writing, writing about writing, and working with writers.

We can work together in various ways. If you're facing a challenge, consult with me.

Or we can work together over time, to help you to achieve your dreams for your writing.

My online store

Visit my online store for a range of instruction and inspiration materials for writers.

How would YOU like to work with me? Contact me today, and let's get started. Initial consultations are free, and you receive an obligation-free quote.