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In the News: Australians to spend more on content marketing in 2014

A recent article in smartcompany reported:

"... research showed that Australians plan to spend more money on content marketing next year, with 53% of marketers saying they plan to increase their content marketing budget and 16% saying they will significantly increase it."

Why? Because content marketing is effective

Research studies show that the cost per lead of content marketing is around a third of that of other advertising. A Hubspot report found that: "organic search leads have a 14.6% conversion rate, while outbound marketing leads have a 1.7% conversion rate."

(Organic, meaning via search engine traffic.)

Free Report -- Content Magic For Your Business: Get More Sales And Leads (And Save Money)

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Contact Angela to receive the free report -- Content Magic For Your Business: Get More Sales And Leads (And Save Money). (Or download it here.)

This report reveals why you should be thinking about using content marketing in your business, and what content can do for your business. It also contains content samples.

(Content can be much cheaper than advertising and provides a greater ROI.)

Web Content: Attract Customers and Make Sales

Web content is your website: it's your text, your images, videos. It's everything that you create to attract visitors to your site, and then to turn them into customers.

Those customers arrive at your website at various stages of the buying cycle. They may be curious; they're researching, and are exploring their options. They may be comparing prices... and they may be ready to buy.

Ideally, your website meets the needs of buyers at every stage.

If you don't have a website, you need a website writer

You've noticed that other businesses in your industry have websites, and you've decide to create one. There's a lot to do: choose your domain name, hosting, create content, get a website design, and more.

A website writer can do all that for you. Your website is a new sales channel. You can
brief me on your target audience, and I'll do the rest.

If you have a website...

You have a website, and you want the site to meet your business goals.
Brief me. I'm happy to develop a content strategy, and the Web content to fulfill your strategy.

Blog Content and Blog Management: Your Blog Is a Publication -- Use It to Attract, Engage, and Convert

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Your blog's a low cost, high return marketing investment. It's your silent representative on the Web. Whatever your marketing strategies, your blog tells customers, prospects and investors who you are.
As wonderful as blog are however, they need two things:

* Content, and

* Management.

I've been blogging since 1999, long before blogs became commercial and mainstream.

Contact me to discuss your blog content and/ or management needs.
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