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Perhaps you're new to social media, or maybe you’re already investing time and energy into it.

If you're involved, you’re feeling proud of yourself. However, you’re also uncertain. Where’s the ROI?

I’m with Forbes: “the next time you’re asked for social media ROI, you should simply ROFL.”

If you’re thinking of forgetting the whole social media thing, not so fast. What are your competitors doing? Whether they’re heavily invested or not, make your own decision. If your competition’s responding to customers on social media, so should you. If they’re creating Facebook pages for new products, so should you. If they’re not using social media — they don’t see an immediate ROI either — maybe they’re short-sighted, and you can do better.

Either way, social media is going nowhere. The players may change (look how fast MySpace tanked), but social media will be with us for some time to come. Time to get with it, and create a social media marketing plan.

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