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Copy not working?

Copy Energizer Service: Get a Copy Makeover from a Top Copywriter

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You've written copy for your Web page, brochure, or sales letter, and it's just not working. You're not getting the results you expect.

You know you could do better, but you've stared at your page until your eyeballs bleed, and you're ready to give up. It's time to trash this project, and accept the bitter knowledge that it's a complete bust.

Not so fast...
Let's breathe fresh energy into that dead copy, and bring it to life.

What if you could turn your copy over to a top marketing copywriter who can give the copy a complete makeover to kick-start it, so that you can get the responses you want?

Imagine forgetting about your copy, while I deal with the challenges, and then return the copy to you a few days later.

Angela Booth's new Copy Energizer Service

My new Copy Energizer Service is a complete copy makeover. It saves you time, energy and money.

Just send me your copy, tell me the results and responses you're looking for, and we'll get them for you.

Here's my copy makeover process:

* You send me your copy, and tell me what results you're getting now;

* I'll read the copy, and will develop an initial makeover plan;

* We'll discuss your goals, and I'll fully develop the makeover plan;

* I'll do the makeover, and you'll test your copy, and we're done.

I've been doing copy makeovers for a while with current clients.
One client, Jenny W. said: "We created a brochure to promote a new product line, but the results for our initial test run were disappointing. Angela checked the copy, and came up with some great ideas right away. After she revised the copy we did another test run, and the results were outstanding -- better than we hoped for."

Get the help you need today

If you've got copy which isn't performing, let me help.

Get in touch via the briefing form, and tell me what you need.