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"Hire A Top Professional Copywriter to Write Your Personal Brand Statement, Bios, Resumes and Cover Letters for Guaranteed Results"

In these tough economic times, a resume just isn't enough... you need more

Angela Booth is a top professional copywriter offering executive brand statements, bios, resumes and cover letters. Get the results you want and deserve from your job hunt, career change, or from media campaigns.

Professional executive brand statements, bios and resumes written by a top copywriter: get the job you're dreaming of

Angela Booth, top copywriter
Angela Booth - a copywriting pro for 25 years

As a top copywriter, I'm thrilled to write personal brand statements, bios, resumes and cover letters to help you to get the job you want. These days, it's not enough to be good at what you do, you need to present yourself in the best way possible.

You need to guide others' perceptions of you: bragging (in a good way) to highlight your achievements and to help you to stand out from the crowd.
You need to build your personal brand.

Building your brand will stand you in good stead for many years to come: you'll get known, and jobs will come to you.

Who better than a leading copywriter to help you to build your brand, and help you with the nitty gritty too, like writing your bio, resume and cover letters? Copywriters specialize in getting results with their copy, and fast results are what you need.

It all starts with your personal branding statement. We'll:

* Identify the major components of the brand called YOU

* Mould them into a value-statement, identifying the unique qualities you bring to any position (there's only one YOU)

* Match your personal branding statement with a tagline, elevator pitch, your profile, your resume, cover letters and...

* Much more!

A blockbuster professional branding statement, bio, resume and cover letters: easy, fast, and inexpensive


You’re a star…

I'll help your to craft your personal brand, and write your bio and/ or resume: even your cover letters.

Would a bio help you?

Here's a bio I wrote for
Morris Miselowski, of Success through Focus.

I developed Morris's tagline, "Your eye on the future". You can download the full-length bio I wrote for Morris - he's graciously permitting me to use his brochure as a sample of my work.

Your bio helps you to brand yourself, and stand out from the crowd. You can use your bio in many different ways, both offline and online.

Your complete branding statement, bios, resume and cover letters - use your bio anywhere

I offer a complete branding, bio, resume and cover letter package. (Or, you can choose a single item, it’s up to you.)

The package includes your personal brand statement, your tagline, your bio, and your resume, tailored to your needs and your target audience.

The beauty of this package is that you can use the copy anywhere: with your job applications, as part of a media release, or on your Web site, if you're a consultant or run a small business.

Get the job you want, at the salary you want, when people come to you, because they know you, through your branding.

Need something else? Just ask. I have several packages available to help you to build or get the career you want, at the salary you deserve. For example, currently video essays are popular -- ask me about a job-search package which includes social media marketing, and the scripting of your own video essay. All packages can be tailor-made for you.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

My guarantee: you must be thrilled with the material I write for you, and it must get you interviews, and the job you want.

Order your professional personal branding statement, bio, resume and cover letters now

My time-frame for packages’ development and completion is three to five business days.

I'll work with you via email and/ or phone and IM; you're guaranteed the results you want.

Note sure how or whether I can help? Get in touch: I'm happy to work with you, and your information is completely confidential, always. Contact me today -- YOU deserve the best future... it's never been easier to get noticed and on the radar of decision makers in your field. Take advantage of my service to ensure you get career results way beyond your expectations.

Tip: if you don’t have a website, create a profile page

In my article,
“This Is Me”: Quick Ways to Get Found With a Profile Page, I wrote:

These days, nothing is certain. Except you – you’re all you can rely on… Your skills, talent and knowledge. But who knows you? The more people who know you, the more options you have.

Profile pages are simple to create, and useful if you don’t yet have a website.