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Experience counts: copywriter Angela Booth writes for businesses large and small, around the globe

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Angela Booth: copywriter, writer and author

Angela Booth is both a copywriter AND a business person. She has run her own businesses, and continues to do so, so she knows what's vital for business.

When you're hiring a copywriter, you depend on your writer to have a broad knowledge and understanding of business and industry. Your writer must also be able to research your industry, so that she writes from the perspective of your customer. Angela's long experience in writing for many different kinds of media, and as an author of respected business books for major international publishers, assures you that she understands your needs.

In addition to writing for business, Angela also regularly writes for mass-market magazines like Energy for Women, Woman's Day, and Vogue. She is a columnist for PC User and NetGuide magazines.

If your business is primarily online, or you're moving to the online environment, Angela can help. Angela has been online since the 1980s, and wrote one of the first books on how use the Internet for business (Making the Internet Work for Your Business), published by Allen & Unwin in 1998. At that time, few businesses had made the transition to the online world.

Today, Angela writes and develops Web sites which make money for their owners, from the initial site concept, to the complete site.

Clients from various industries

Angela writes for clients in many industries - healthy, technology, manufacturing and beauty, to name just a few.

Please ask for samples, and experience in working with your industry.

* Imagri (chief copywriter):

* Coates Hire (company marcomm, quarterly newsletter):

* Ausreo (news releases, company profile, Web site material):

* Thomasco Media:

* Cachefly:

* NYX Cosmetics:

* BurnWorld:

* All-natural Interferon:

Experience counts: let Angela put her skills to work for you
With 30 years' experience in writing, marketing, and PR, Angela provides superlative work, on time, every time, and ON BUDGET. She is easy to work with and reliable. Feel free to communicate via phone, fax, or email: whatever methods work for you. She is available at any time.

Brief bio
Author of many books, including Making the Internet Work for Your Business, copywriter and journalist Angela Booth also writes copy for businesses large and small. She became enthusiastic about using words to sell when she ran her own successful dog training and boarding business, and found out how expensive advertising is. She knew that she had to make those ads count. Writing her own promotional materials led her to writing for other small businesses.

When she writes copy, Angela focuses on the client's message. Long experience writing both fiction and nonfiction help her to use the skills of both when writing copy. From fiction, she learned how to evoke emotion, and from nonfiction, she learned to write clearly and succinctly.

Angela has written copy for companies in many industries, from technology and real estate to the jewellery trade. Clients include Acer Computer Australia, Brother Australia, and Lakes Jewellers. Angela is accustomed to translating dry product specifications into images in a reader's mind, in which the reader can imagine herself buying and using the product. She enjoys the challenge of writing about technical subjects clearly and succinctly, in terms anyone can understand. She also loves writing about luxury items. Her aim is always that her client's investment in copywriting services makes a difference to the bottom line.

A partial list of Angela's print publication credits
• Feature articles for mass market women's magazines in Australia and the US, including The Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day, New Idea, Energy for Women, Writer's Digest and Vogue;

• A monthly column in
NetGuide magazine, and regular contributions to PC User magazine;

• Content work for Web sites and Internet newsletters (her online articles number in the hundreds, find them by entering the search query "Angela Booth +articles" into;

• Business books for major publishers:
LifeTime: Better Time Management in 21 Days, Home Sweet Office: Your Home Office, and Improve Your Memory in 21 Days, for Prentice Hall's WorkWise series (translated into several Asian and European languages), and Making the Internet Work for Your Business for Allen & Unwin.

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