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Dear Internet marketer

Imagine opening your email program tomorrow morning and finding 20 messages from PayPal, telling you that 20 people have paid for and received your new info product, at $39 each. That’s $780. The day after tomorrow, another 25 people pay for your product, and $975 flows into your bank account... and so on, each and every day.

Can you imagine banking over $5000 a week from your information product?

I know you can, because if you’re an Internet marketer, you know that information products sell extremely well, especially if they’re created for a specific, hot market that's desperate for the information.

Maybe you've tried creating your own information products, and found that it's too time-intensive: you just don't have the time to spend a month or two creating an information product, even if it's going to earn you thousands of dollars every month.

I’ve created great new information products -- ebooks with graphics and backend bonuses, autoresponder e-courses, white papers, special reports, briefings, and many more items for Internet marketers who are selling the products on
ClickBank, PayLoadz, and via affiliate programs.

I can do the same for you. When I create your information product, the product belongs to you -- you own the complete copyright. It’s YOUR product to sell as long as you wish. Sell it year after year, and collect the money.

Your complete product creation and sales service

I offer a complete service, with:

• Your new information product

• A slogan/ tagline

• A long Web sales page plus a short sales page (with SEO – search engine optimization)

• A classified ad to place on ezines

• An affiliate page

• Affiliate instructions

• (Optional) Six Google Adwords ads

• (Optional) A news release

• (Optional) A Web mini-site for your new info product

• (Optional) Complete management of your Google Adwords sales campaign

Interested? I do ALL the research to find a subject area and a topic that's hot, so that you'll have a GUARANTEED market of people who are desperate for information on that specific topic. I'm constantly researching, developing topics, so I can offer you a choice of topics – or you can select your own area and topic in which you want an information product.

The cost of the package? From $6,500 to $15,000 depending on the product – the number of pages in the product, and whether you want bonus products to entice your buyers to buy the product.

Just think – your own info product, EXCLUSIVE to you, around which you can build an affiliate marketing group, so that you have others doing the selling for you.

Contact me today for more information. You could be selling your own info product and banking the proceeds within a month.

P.S. Please note – you'll find lots of information online on how to create info products, and that's fine – but few people willing to create info products for others. My service is unique, and obviously I can't handle many of these jobs each year, so contact me right away.

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