Angela Booth: Freelance Copywriter and Ghost Writer

Experienced, Professional Copywriting and Ghostwriting Services from Angela Booth

Managing All Your Writing and Copywriting Needs

General Writing

* Magazine articles
Online content
* Blog consulting and set up - freelance blogging
* Web sites
* Educational material
* Online advertising,
sales pages, and SEO
* Kindle ebooks (your ebooks edited, and posted, with sales material, OR complete ebooks written and sold for you)

Copywriting and Marketing Communications

* Press releases,
SEO press releases, and media kits (see the Buzz Starter package)
Online news releases
* News articles
* General copy
* Copyediting
* Technical writing
* Proposals/ RFPs
* Speeches and audiovisual material (scripts for YouTube videos; YouTube marketing campaigns)
* White papers
* Reports

Persuasive Web copy and Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your Web site for search engines leads to more visitors to your site, and more sales.

There are two steps in the process: the site content, and the keyword optimization. Optimizing your content for keywords – the words people type into search engines to find you – is a must for your Web site. Your aim should be to get at least 90 per cent of your site traffic from Google, and then to convert a high percentage of that traffic into sales.

Some writers optimize for keywords using a tool like WordTracker, and while WordTracker is a useful tool, it's not the whole story. I research first, to find the keywords and key phrases that your customers type into Google when they're ready to buy, then I optimize.
Contact me if you'd like to discuss your site, and how we can optimize it to bring you more traffic, and more sales.

ebooks to order

Got an idea for an ebook you'd like to sell on your site? I write short ebooks to order on topics including small business, marketing, technology, and health. Give me the topic and the audience, and I'll do the rest. Once it's written, you own all rights to the ebook, because it's a work made for hire.

Need a ghost? Complete ghostwriting services

I'm also available to
ghostwrite your autobiography, memoirs or business book. We can explore publication options. You may want to go the traditional publishing route, so that your book appears in bookstores. Alternatively, we can explore ebook publication. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing makes digital publication simple and easy.

Of course, you own all rights to the book, and your name appears as the author. Get in touch, and we'll discuss it.

Please check out my
Portfolio and contact me. Initial consultations are always free. You’re free to use the ideas and advice I give you. When you’re ready, you receive an obligation-free quote.