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Search engine optimization (SEO) Web copywriting: get your site found and make sales

If you want traffic to your Web pages the answer is SEO. I'm a veteran copywriter who offers effective search engine optimization services for your Web site.

Although I work with clients all over the world on many different kinds of Web sites, if you need local specialized SEO services I'm a Sydney Australia copywriter, with expertise in the Sydney real estate and technology markets. I can help you to optimize your site, whether it's a small brochure site, or a shopping site with thousands of pages and products.

Puzzled about SEO? Search engine optimization helps your site to be found in the search engines.

SEO helps your customers to find you

Search engine optimization helps the people who are looking for you online to find you. The Web is becoming more crowded every day, and with billions of Web pages, how will your site get found? There's one primary cost-effective way: with organic search, and SEO.

Many people own Web sites and are disappointed when they don't get the free traffic that they should be getting from the search engines. By correcting a few problems that their site's pages have, it makes it easier for people to find them. For example, some pages are invisible to the search engines, and this is a disaster when you're hoping for search engine traffic -- these problems can be corrected. Contact me for help in correcting this.

When you enhance your SEO efforts with great search engine marketing copywriting you ensure that you make the most of your traffic, that is -- you ensure that you make SALES. All the traffic in the world is of no use to your business if it doesn't result in a great ROI from additional sales.

A SEO copywriter ensures that your Web pages not only contain the words that your customers use to find you, but also that your pages use these terms so that the search engines can find and index them.

What does organic search engine optimization (SEO) involve?

SEO is simple. Here's how it works:

1. You "optimize" your Web pages by using the search terms (keywords and key phrases) that people use to find you. You use these terms in your Web pages' text because the search engines can only index text, they can't index the contents of Flash or javascript files;

2. The Web search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN, and thousands of others) then index your Web pages; and --

3. Once your Web pages are part of the search engine's indices, people who are searching the Web via the search engines find your business, because your Web pages were optimized for the terms they were searching for.

Here's an example. Let's say that you sell doggy treats. You could optimize your pages for words like "dog treats, doggy treats, dog snacks, liver snacks, dog food, natural dog food, pet treats, canine treats, dog dinners" and so on. Whatever terms you think people would be using, those are the terms that you must include on your pages. They're also terms that you should get backlinks for. I can help you to get these backlinks to your site by writing press releases and articles for you -- this gives you a great return on investment and ensures that you get found online.

Tag your Web pages with the key terms your customers use

To optimize your Web page, you would include your "doggy treats" phrases in your page title, your page description and meta tags, and on the page itself. You would create internal links within your site to your doggy treats page, and you'd get some external links via articles and press releases, from other sites to your page too.

Once your Web page was live online, and the search engines had indexed the page, you would start getting traffic from the search engines to the page. Over time, the Web page would rise in the Search Engine Results (SERPs), and with luck, get you a top rank in the keywords and phrases that you chose to optimize for.

There are no secrets to SEO: it's all in the words you use

You can optimize your Web pages yourself for the keywords and phrases that you know that your customers will be using to find you. Just include the keywords in the code (in the page title, the description, and the meta tags), and on the page itself. Ideally you'll also provide text links to pages within your site, using your keywords. You'll also want to get some links from others' Web pages to yours.

A good SEO copywriter can save you time, by using the right words in the right way to drive traffic to your site. Search engine optimization is straightforward, so you can do it yourself. However, it is time consuming.

Get SEO and advertising in one package, with a SEO copywriter who understands your business: contact me today.

I offer:

* Organic SEO on your site's landing pages; and

* Search engine marketing (SEM) via Pay Per Click (PPC), ezine advertising, and text link advertising.