Angela Booth: Copywriter + Ghostwriter + Author + Marketer + Writing Coach

If you're a professional writer, you want results. Get them, with Angela's fast and friendly 60-minute "Instant Coaching" program.

Instant Coaching: Get Help NOW (Phone Consultations)

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Facing a writing challenge?

Whether it's small or large, you can get help now.

Your challenge may be writing-related. You may be stuck on a project. Or your challenge may be client-related -- you're not sure how much to charge for a project, or aren't sure how to manage a writing gig.

On Fab Freelance Writing Blog, we cover many different forms of writing. I cover marketing and much more on my Creativity Factory Blog. So whatever form of writing, and whatever the challenge, I'm happy to coach you through it.
Angela Booth

My professional writing experience is wide-ranging...

* I've been
writing and selling my writing successfully for over 30 years -- a LONG time.

* I've been
published by traditional publishers in both fiction and nonfiction... I wrote one of the first books ever published on using the Internet for business in the 1990s. (Published by Allen & Unwin). Weird as it seems now, the commercial Web was a novelty in the 1990s.

* I ghostwrite
book proposals and books for clients, both for commercial publishers, and for self publishing. I know and understand publishing and marketing books.

* I know
copywriting, and magazine writing. In the late 1970s, I started my writing career as a romance writer, then transitioned to writing for magazines like Vogue and Woman's Day, and finally ended up as a copywriter.

And I've
published my own ebooks for over a decade.

* I started teaching writers in community colleges in the 1990s, and I've been
teaching writing online since 2000.

You can ask me any question you like about writing -- if I don't know the answer (unlikely) I'll find out for you.

Ask a question, get the answers and inspiration you need, and transform your writing career -- in 60 minutes

consultation takes an hour. You don't need to take the full hour at once. You can divide it up; an initial chat, and then a follow up, so that we can speed your process.

You can get your writing challenges solved, today.

What writers have said about working with Angela...

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance. I have made more progress towards my goals in the months I have spent following your advice that I have made in the years that preceded." Erik Kopp
"After working with Angela, I'm thinking through my writing process in a whole new way. I no longer face writer's block, and I know that in literally 60 seconds I can move from paralyzed fear of the blank page to the playful, fun experience that I've always dreamed about. This process has turned my burnout into excitement and my procrastination into productivity." Jesse, Cajun Copy
"Since getting that initial positive feedback I've had enough repeat work coming through to be able to quit my much-hated day job to write full time, so I'd just like to thank you so much for inspiring the confidence in me to go for it!" R. Smith


I'm offering you this because it's a service that's needed by many writers. Here's my guarantee. If you feel that you haven't received TEN times the value of our chat in the 60 days after we talk, I'll happily return your payment.
February 15, 2015
Due to a sudden family illness we're unable to offer this program for now.

If you'd like to book for the future, or need another option, contact us.

How "Instant Coaching" works

You'll receive a questionnaire on payment. It asks for a little information on you, and your challenge. (All coaching is confidential, of course.)

Then my wonderful assistant Julia will organize a date and time for our chat, either over the phone, or on Skype, whichever is easiest for you. If you choose Skype, I can record the session, and you'll receive an MP3 file to which you can refer later.

Instant Coaching gives you SOLUTIONS

Your Instant Coaching session is focused completely on getting solutions to your challenge -- or challenges. You'll be able to implement your solution, and get results. See our guarantee below.
We're all accessing the Internet on various devices these days. If you have challenges with the payment method, let us know. Julia will fix. :-)


If you have any questions about this program,
please ask.