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Online Press Releases: Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy -- Get Publicity

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News releases/ press releases -- which?

They're the same thing. I use these terms interchangeably.

Online press releases: speak directly to your customers... and maybe, get lucky with media coverage

Want more traffic? Press releases work.

Traffic comes to a website either directly, from an advertising promotion, or via a link from another site. Traffic also comes from your content strategy. Press releases need to be part of that strategy.

Few small businesses use press releases as much as they could. If you're thinking... "my business isn't that interesting, why would a TV station or a magazine be interested in ME?"

You may be right.

On the other hand, what if someone did produce a story about your business? It happens. I've told the story about how I started my copywriting career when I saved a small business tens of thousands of dollars by writing press releases.

Get traffic from online press releases

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get great traffic to your site is to use online press releases.

Online press releases are different from releases which are created for the print media. These releases are written for audience, rather than for the news media. You hope your audience will find the press releases, and will visit your site.

If you're fortunate, a media outlet may find your release, and contact you to publish your story. Although this happens rarely, it DOES happen.

If you're going for publicity, read my article: Publicity Power: 5 Press Release Tricks to Help Your Small Business.

Here are three ways in which online news releases can help your business:

1.Get into Google News

Publishing press releases ensures that you get into the major search engines quickly and appear on sites like Google News.

2. Traffic: Sales and Leads

Your online press releases are written directly to your target audience, and are found via other sites and the search engines, so they're an excellent source of both sales and leads.

3. Credibility: Build Your Brand Online

If you get into the habit of regularly publishing online press releases, you paint a clearer picture of your company.

Doing business online is risky. Therefore anyone who is contemplating doing business with you will visit your About page, and also your online newsroom if you have one. When your online newsroom contains press releases stretching back years, prospects can see that you have presence and credibility online.
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Online Press Release Tips: 5 Ways to Get Value for Money

Online press releases are an essential tool. If you use them correctly, not only will they enhance your marketing campaigns, they’ll also help you to get customers. Consider this: if major companies continue to use press releases, why don’t you?

Let’s look at how you can get real value from the online press releases you create.

Read the article.
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