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Top Copywriter Angela Booth Announces New Book Proposal Ghostwriting Service

Sydney, NSW July 27, 2009 -- Writing a book proposal is challenging, even for experienced writers. Top copywriter Angela Booth has just announced a new book proposal ghostwriting service. This service is for authors who are procrastinating on producing this essential tool for marketing their books.
In addition to being a top copywriter, Angela Booth is an internationally published author. She's written many books, and they were all sold on the basis of book proposals. She says: "A book proposal is a sales tool. Your proposal convinces agents and publishers that you have a viable idea, that you can execute that idea, and also that you'll market your book effectively once it's done."

Angela knows that many authors find writing book proposals an insurmountable obstacle. This leads to procrastination, and sometimes causes authors abandon their books completely, which is a shame.

Angela says that in these days of economic uncertainty, a book proposal must be professionally written. "Previously agents and editors made allowances and were willing to spend time with authors who were presenting a book idea, nowadays that luxury of time has vanished. No one can afford the time it takes to work with an author to get a proposal right, so that it's in a form which can be presented to a publishing committee. This means that authors who should be published won't be."

She says that authors also need to be aware of the relevancy of their ideas, and be prepared to work to tight schedules, because publishing has changed. "The authors who get publishing contracts get an idea, write the proposal, and present it quickly. Publishing is more competitive today. If an author has a hot idea, which is linked to the headlines or to what's making news, presenting a book proposal within a week will win a publishing contract."

Angela works with authors who've completed a nonfiction book, and also with authors who are just in the planning stages. She says that most nonfiction books are sold on the basis of a proposal, often with just one chapter completed. This is good for both authors and publishers, because the author gets the money he needs to work on the book, and the publishing house ensures that the final book is one which fits into the publisher's list.

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Angela Booth is a top copywriter, author and writing teacher. She maintains a busy writing services business while teaching. Learn more about her book proposal ghostwriting service.