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Copywriting Services for Internet Marketers: From Idea to Profit

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Hi Fellow Marketer

Internet marketers need a copywriter who understands their business: someone who knows what you're talking about when you ask for a squeeze page, for example.

I've been marketing my own information products for a decade, and writing books for a lot longer than that. There's a little about me here. Feel free to ask for a profile.

I'd love to help you.

Get the Marketing Materials You Need

I offer a completely integrated service; all the marketing materials you need for your upcoming project.

Contact me now for sales pages, squeeze pages, affiliate marketing creative, autoresponder sequences -- everything you need to make your next launch a success.

Sales Page Examples

Copywriting Packages for Internet Marketers

I offer packages for Internet marketers too, and if you're thinking of ordering a package, here's some information to guide your choice of options.
1. Packages are customized to your needs. If you just want pre-sales material, such as an autoresponder sequence, or a short report to encourage squeeze page signups, that's fine. You don't need to order a sales page if you already have one, or if you're marketing as an affiliate.

I'll help you to take your idea from concept to profit, so that you know you have all the marketing materials you need to make your project a success.
2. Your sales pages' length is up to you. Select short, or long, or both. You can choose to have a simple product description of 250 words (one printed page) or less, or a longer sales page of 2,500 words (ten printed pages.)

You can also order a specific style of sales page, such as a multi-page, interactive "news" style of page.

If you're an affiliate, and want pre-sales material, I'm happy to create a package for you too, which includes a short sales page.
3. Autoresponder sequences are popular, and your sequences' length is up to you. You can include a short sequence of just four messages in your package. I'm just as happy to provide you with longer sequences, of 50 or more messages.
4. If you'd like me to source your graphics, including a mini-website, that can be included in your package, or I'll put you in touch with a designer.

Not sure what you need? Let's talk

If you're not sure what you need, or are in the early stages of a project, contact me, and we'll chat.

On the other hand, if you know what you need, complete the briefing form.