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What's a "ghostwriter"?

A ghostwriter's someone who writes in the name of someone else.

Let's say someone asked you to contribute an
article to a trade magazine. I'd write the article as you -- I'd be your ghost.

Or maybe you need to give an important
presentation, or a speech. I'd write the material for you. No one would ever know that you hadn't slaved over the material for weeks on end. :-)

Or maybe you want to write your
memoirs, or a Kindle ebook, or a blog… a ghostwriter writes it for you, and you put your name to the material. No one will ever know that every word was written by someone else.


5 Ways a Ghostwriter Can Help You and Your Business

Celebrities and business personalities use ghostwriters, and you can too. A ghostwriter can help you in many different ways.

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Commission me to ghost for you, and get it done, fast

Need a ghostwriter? I accept ghostwriting commissions for:

* Books, both fiction and nonfiction. I’ve been published by major publishers, as well as self-publishing my own, and ghostwritten works;

* Ebooks: fiction and nonfiction — a complete service: your ebook written, formatted, and published for you;

* Blogs (I've been blogging since 2000;

* Magazine articles (I’ve published in many mass market magazines, including Vogue);

* Company histories;

* Scripts, speeches, presentations;

* Manuals, reports, tutorials, and training courses.

In short, if you need to write something, and want someone to do it for you…
Contact Me.
Working with a professional ghostwriter's simple. You tell your "ghost" what you want done: "I need a keynote speech for...."
How to Hire a Ghostwriter, by Angela Booth
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Get your book proposal written by an internationally published author

A book proposal is a vital sales tool. You can't sell your book without a proposal.

Unfortunately, no matter how talented a writer you are, your book may never sell simply because you're not aware of what goes into a selling proposal.

Get expert help today. Get your book proposal written by an internationally published author.

Learn more.

No time to write a book? Get your book written by an internationally published author

Writing a book has many benefits -- it gives you instant credibility. However, writing a book takes time.

A ghostwriter can write your book for you.

By investing just a few hours of your time, you book can be written for you.

Here's how I can work with you, and write your book for you:

* We discuss your book, and what you would like your book to achieve;

* We create an outline;

* I write the book for you. We'll chat when I need information from you, but I do the research and the writing;

* Your book is done.

If you want help with publication and marketing, we'll discuss that. I'll see that your book is published, and I'll develop a marketing campaign.

Contact me today. Within a month or three, you'll be the proud author of your book.