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Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Book

"You should write a book!"

If people have been telling you that for years, maybe you should write a book. Perhaps you started, and got bogged down, or maybe you just don't have the time.

You need a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter takes your memories, thoughts and ideas, and puts them into words. Then he structures those words into a book for people to buy.

The book has your name on it as the author, and
you own complete copyright in the work.
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Books I ghostwrite

Autobiography: The story of your life, in your words;

Memoir: A reminiscence, part of your life;

Nonfiction business books: Share your insights and theories, and what's worked for you in business;

Promotional books: Books which you can sell, or give away free, to promote your business;

Fiction: Novels, novellas and short stories.

Information products: Information in various media: ebook, videos, presentations. Creations which can be sold online. I have a range of info products I've created for writers.

Email me, and I'll give you a call

Send me a message, and we'll have a chat.

A book is a commitment. You need to feel comfortable with your ghostwriter.

After we've talked, I'll develop a quote, and then a scope for you, with a timeline. Before you know it, your book will be done.

Of course, I won't leave you to market your book. We'll cover your marketing options in our chat.

How it works

As I said in this blog post:
"Most ghostwriting projects require an interview, or many interviews, in the case of a book. A speech may just need a 30 minute chat. A book usually takes a couple of chats per chapter. Your ghostwriter will usually send you the chat’s questions a few days in advance."

Basically, we'll chat, and I'll write. It's simple and easy for you.

Get in touch.

Kindle Ghostwriting: publish a book to become known as an authority

Want to self-publish a book, but don't have time to write it?

Kindle publishing is super-fast, and it's a great way to become known in your field. Your book makes you an
author, an authority on your subject.

If you've been putting off writing, you can get help. I'll help you to write your book, either from scratch or by using material, such as presentations and seminar notes, which you already have.

Contact me.

Here are some tips if you'd like to write your business book yourself...