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Angela Booth's freelance copywriting, ghostwriting, marketing, and content services

I provide many different writing services. I've been writing for over 30 years. Not only do I write marketing copy, I write everything from a client's memoirs to training manuals.

You can phone at any time: 0419 487 053.

Get hired with a professionally written bio and resume

If you're an executive, developing a well-written bio and resume is essential.

It's also essential if you're aiming for media publicity.

I've started offering professional bios and executive resumes, please get in touch.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is a writer for hire, who writes copy -- that is, text. Copywriters may work in advertising and public relations agencies, or for companies in marketing departments. Many copywriters prefer to work as "pens for hire", as marketing consultants for businesses.

Top copywriters are experienced communicators and work with concepts. They take raw ideas that clients give them, and rework and illuminate them. They pull material together, emphasizing what's important, and "selling" the material.

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Copywriting client testimonial

Hello, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Angela and her wonderful writing skills.

As a non writer getting my Ebay ads to be just right has been a painful job to say the least. With Angela doing the rewriting it was an absolute pleasure.

I highly recommend her to any businessman who needs a first class job.

Jerry Stark



Your guarantee: Hire Angela Booth, and you get Angela, not an apprentice copywriter

It's an open secret that most top-name copywriters don't write. They get the business, but they leave the writing to apprentices, or they sub-contact the writing to someone else.

When you hire me, I write for you. You get my copywriting knowledge and business experience, and full attention. I rarely hire sub-contractors, and when I do, I copyedit their work, so that you get quality writing that gets results.


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Angela Booth is a Sydney-based freelance copywriter and ghost writer, writing for businesses and companies all over the world. Contact her for copywriting, Web content, and ghostwriting services.