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Great content is an
investment in your business: it brings you traffic and sales year after year. Unlike advertising, content delivers traffic and sales forever - in fact, the longer your content is online, the more effective it becomes.

I (Angela Booth) develop
original content for Web sites, including landing pages, themed pages, articles, sales pages, blogs, and general original, well-research content with SEO in mind. With 30 years of writing experience, I create top-quality content.

All the content I write for you is customized for your needs, to build your name and brand online.

Your Web sites need content, because:

The more content your site has, the more presence and visibility it has in the search engines. Since you're targeting more keywords, and "long tail" keywords, the more chance you have of coming up for Web searches. This means your site gets free, ongoing, organic traffic;

Quality scores determine your pages' rankings. Google and Yahoo are taking a big stick to low-content sites. If your site isn't providing a good experience for Web users, not only will you pay more for your keywords in your Pay Per Click campaigns, but your site's pages will end up in supplemental hell. Your "supplemental" pages have little chance of being returned in the search engine results pages (SERPs);

Great content "linkbait" content encourages other sites to link to your pages. The more backlinks, especially backlinks from quality sites, the higher your site, and its pages, will rank. This means that you'll get more traffic, naturally. However, to get backlinks organically from other sites, your content must be original and useful: employing a copywriter to write your content means that your content is authoritative and link-worthy.

Web content quality, and why quality writing matters

The Web is changing. With millions of sites and billions of pages, it's competitive. The old ideas about content, like:
Content is content, right? After all, it's only words, and as long as my keywords are included in the content, I'm good, right?

Content is more than words. Yes, in the past you could pay someone $5 to "write" (copy, paste, add keywords and mangle) 500 words for you, and you had "content". Unfortunately that kind of low quality content is now sitting in the supplemental index. Web search engines are finding ways to sort through the mass of sites, and quality (as with Google's quality scores) is vital.

Your content must be original, unique and valuable to your site visitors

The days when you could heave junk content onto the Web are long over. These days, it's about quality, and uniqueness.

NEW Web content article packages – original, well-researched and referenced articles custom-written for you by a top copywriter

Clients have been asking me to create content packages for them: a set of articles and pages they can add to sites and blogs, and can reorder at intervals, to keep their site content fresh.

To make it easier to order just what you need, I've created a set of content packages. Articles and other content are delivered in packages of ten or more. Each article is original, print-magazine quality, researched, and referenced. Please see the samples below.

Like to see some samples?

Download PDFs:

eBay article

Health (menopause) article

Marketing (small business) article

an article on Google I wrote for Via Arena.

For your general content needs, I cover topics including health, technology, business, personal development, and many more.

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Further reading - does original content matter? My experiment

I did a six-month experiment to satisfy myself that
original content matters. From the blog post: "I wanted to know whether original content made any difference to blogs - or could I just throw some PLR content onto sites and get the same results? Tossing PLR content onto sites is the easy option: the content is already written, you just customize it a little and upload it onto a blog or a site."

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