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Article Marketing: Inexpensive and Powerful. Should You Be Using It?

In a blog article, "Publish Articles: How to Boost Your Business and Sell More when You Give Away Information", I said:

Over the past several years, article marketing's popularity has soared, but there are doubters. Can you really sell more when you give away information? The answer is yes. Newspapers and magazines have been doing it for years. The articles in these publications depend on the advertisers. If the advertisers didn't exist, neither would the publications.

Publishing articles works for businesses small and large. I've been using article marketing myself for years, and have promoted this inexpensive form of advertising to my copywriting clients. They've all been pleased with the results, because unlike advertising, which stops when you stop paying, your articles will keep selling for you for years.

Let's look at what article marketing is, and what it can do for your business.

What is article marketing?

Article marketing is a form of advertising. You create Web content, in the form of articles, and publish them across the Web. You're not marketing in an article itself: you market in a small advertisement you tuck onto the article -- this is called the "resource box", or sometimes, the "bio."

As I said in the above article, I use article marketing extensively. You can see all the articles I've written promoting my products on Ezine Articles, a primary article directory.

Here's what the resource box looks like on one of my articles:
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Click to see this resource box.

The benefits of article marketing

Here are just some of the benefits of this simple and inexpensive form of promotion:

* Direct, targeted traffic to your site;

* Sales from that targeted traffic;

* Improved search engine rankings for your chosen keywords when you use keyword anchors in your resource box;

* More content for your site, which means more ways for people to find you online.

Article marketing can also have excellent SEO benefits.

Who should use article marketing?

Consider article marketing, if:

* You need more targeted traffic;

* Your competitors are using it;

* You're looking for a way to stretch your marketing budget;

* You want traffic for years to come. (Some of my articles, written in 2003, are still sending me traffic today.)

Let me help you to plot a strategy, and create your first article marketing campaign

I can sing the praises of article marketing forever, but you need to use this strategy yourself to see the results. You'll be convinced that it's a great form of simple but powerful promotion.

My article marketing services include:

* Consulting with you to develop an article marketing strategy;

* Creating an article marketing plan specifically designed for your business; and

* Article marketing campaigns (
article writing and distribution).

Contact me, and we'll discuss your situation and goals. Then, if you wish, I'll create an article marketing campaign for you.