Angela Booth: Copywriter + Ghostwriter + Author + Marketer + Writing Coach

Angela Booth is the author of many books, both fiction and nonfiction. She wrote one of the first business books for the Internet, Making the Internet Work for Your Business (Allen & Unwin), and the 21 Days series (Prentice Hall.)

Her copywriting clients include major corporations like hp (Hewlett Packard), WestPac Bank, and Acer Computer. She writes copy for businesses in industries ranging from technology and real estate to the jewelry trade.

She's a well-established professional blogger, marketer, and publisher, with lengthy expertise in these areas.

Angela ghostwrites both fiction and nonfiction articles and books for her clients. She also offers coaching for authors, helping them to write their books, get published, and market their books.

For writers, Angela publishes several blogs with lots of free information to help writers to build their writing skills, make money... and have fun with writing. She also offers consultations and personal coaching for writers.
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Angela Booth: Veteran Copywriter, Ghostwriter and Author

Welcome. I’m
Angela Booth. I’ve been writing copy for businesses both small and large for 30 years. I’m a Web enthusiast. I was online in the 1980s, and once the Web arrived, I saw the immense business potential immediately.

In the 1990s, I wrote a book called
Making the Internet Work for Your Business which was published by Allen & Unwin; that’s been my primary goal ever since… to make the Internet work for businesses.

If you're an author, and need help with a book proposal, or with self publishing, ask questions at any time. You'll find self publishing help and news on my blogs too, primarily,
Fab Freelance Writing.

Need writing help?

I offer writing help on my blogs, and I'm available for coaching too.

Thanks for reading, and do get in touch. You can contact me via this
form, or via social media, or my blogs.