Angela Booth: Freelance Copywriter and Ghost Writer

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"One Click. One Sale. Powerful Web Copywriting Delivers Web Sales."

Everyone knows the Internet is great for business. Develop a Web site, then sit back, put your feet up and count the money. Yes, that's exactly how it is for many companies.

On the other hand, maybe you've got the Web sales woes. No traffic, no sales.

The answer is in your copy.

Your Web site needs great copy which will tell the world about your fantastic products, and which will make sales.

Suffering Pay Per Click Pain?

Maybe you’re suffering PPC pain – you're paying big bucks for keywords but the clicks just aren’t converting.

You need to stop the pain and waste of money.

You've got a great product and you should be making SALES!

You can.

You can make sales TODAY: all it takes is great Web sales copy

What's great Web sales copy? It's:

•    Copy that gets traffic to your Web site; and

•    Copy which converts visitors into BUYERS.

Hundreds of thousands of site owners know that what gets visitors to your site and what makes sales when they get there is copywriting that works.

How many sales would you make if you got traffic without spending a fortune?

What if you increased your conversion rate 100% -- even 200%?

Your site visitors want to buy. All you need to do is show them why they should, and make it as easy as you can for them to do it.

I can craft Web copy for you that gets a response

Forget trying to do it yourself. I'll craft Web copy and sales messages for you that work, helping to attract customers and make sales, and outstrip your competitors.

You'll get professional sales copy that not only works, but also that works with all your marketing. With great headlines, sub-heads and calls to action, your copy will integrate with your Pay Per Click campaigns and offline marketing too.

Contact me right now, for a completely confidential and hassle-free quote. If you've got an URL that's not giving you the results you want, include the URL.

You'll find that I'm easy to work with – let's get started making the Web work for you.