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Content Marketing: Free Report Helps Small Businesses to Market Using Information

For small businesses which can't afford to over-spend on advertising, information is the new advertising. Angela Booth's free report, "Creativity Rules: Copywriting and Content Tips to Build Your Audience TODAY", gets them up to speed.


A recent study by Kapost and Eloqua revealed that per dollar, content marketing produced three times more leads than advertising. Consumers are blind to advertising, but not to self-interest. Everyone needs information, so information is the new advertising.

Large brands with large budgets can create customized publications to delight their audience with entertaining and informative material. But what about smaller businesses? Can a small business with a limited budget hope to attract an audience by using information? Companies like show that they can.

Angela Booth says that advertising using information doesn't need to be complicated: "Tell stories about your business, your products, and your customers. Everyone loves a story."

She offers these tips for small business getting started with content marketing.

1. A strategy is vital. A small business needs to be clear on its audience, and the kind of material that that audience is likely to respond to. Then it needs to make concrete plans to develop that content, publish it, and promote it.

2. Publishable content includes articles, social media updates, videos, images and more. It's vital for a business to produce the kinds of content with which they're comfortable, and which they can commit to producing consistently.

3. A business also needs to decide where and when it will share its content, to attract its audience. Content on a blog can be shared across several social media platforms. Content can also be created specifically for a platform, such as a for a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, or Google+ page.

4. Information and content build trust in consumers. A survey revealed that 93 per cent of companies surveyed said that they currently use content marketing, and intend increasing their spending on content in 2014.

Angela's free report, "Creativity Rules: Copywriting and Content Tips to Build Your Audience TODAY" is available now.
This 17-page report helps small businesses to get started advertising with information.

More information on copywriting, social media and content marketing is available on Angela's Creativity Factory Blog.


Angela Booth is a copywriter, content creator and author. Her focus is on developing authoritative, informative and entertaining content. She works with small businesses and entrepreneurs with limited marketing budgets to build identity, get attention, and develop strong relationships across media, using content.

Contact Angela on social media: Twitter, and Google+.

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