Marketing Copywriting Boosts Your Business: Find Prospects, Make Sales, and Build Customer Loyalty

The solution to most business challenges is simple: get more business. Find more prospects and turn them into satisfied customers with a great relationship with your business. That's done with marketing.

Copywriting is the heart of your marketing efforts, IF it's effective. What's effective copywriting? Copywriting is only effective when it gets results.

Most businesses don't do enough marketing -- they think it's expensive. However, done well, marketing is not expensive. You don't need to spend thousands on printing fancy new brochures, designing a swish Web site, or on extensive Pay Per Click campaigns. You just need to know who your customers are, the best way to reach them, and how to inspire them so that you get the results you want.

Get good marketing solutions -- make guaranteed profits

Great marketing means more business for your business. But what's an effective marketing strategy for your business, RIGHT NOW?
Ideally, you'll start with a general marketing mix: both offline and online marketing that will achieve the goals you've set for your business.

Your marketing mix could include:

* Profile enhancement with books, speeches, podcasts (I'm happy to ghostwrite this material for you);

* Public relations - a news release campaign;

* Public relations - a Web site and/ or a blog;

* Online and offline advertising;

* An incentive-based pricing structure (loyalty programs);

* Value-adding to current products and/ or new product development
(I can help you to develop a marketing plan and your complete marketing mix.)

But... If you haven't got the time to market effectively, much less write all the copy

You're busy, your staff is even busier, and you haven't got the resources or the time to hire a full-time marketing professional. The answer? Out-source your marketing to a marketing pro, who can work to your budget, knows your business, and is on-call.

How much would your business increase with new, effective marketing copy?

Effective marketing is possible. Many businesses never develop a marketing plan, much less implement it. Only successful businesses do. They follow up on their marketing plan with great copy, copy that gets results.

If you want to increase your business by 100 per cent this year, or even more, you can. Effective marketing will bring you to the attention of those people who not only need and want your products and services, but who will buy them and become long-term customers.

Your business CAN succeed.

Take your business to the next level -- start TODAY

You can market more effectively. You can develop new markets both online and offline, with an effective marketing plan tailored to your business, right now. Whether you're starting a new business, or growing a mature business, you can have an effective marketing plan developed and implemented at a cost that you can afford.

I specialize in marketing tactics to take your business to the next level:

* Results-generating marketing copywriting

* Marketing project management for small to medium businesses

* Focused Web content generation: to build your brand and credibility

Depend on for solutions to your marketing challenges: solutions tailored to your business, incorporating online and offline strategies to increase your customers locally as well as nationally and globally.

Results-generating marketing copywriting - boost your profits today

You’ve got to communicate with your audiences, constantly, and your communication has to be on-message. That is, it has to relate to your Unique Selling Point (USP) -- to what makes your business special.

Out-pace your competition and lead the field with your USP and story

If you haven’t thought about your USP, you’re missing a big opportunity to have your business stick in people’s minds. Your USP can do much of your marketing for you.

There are many ways to define your USP, but I like to relate it to your business’s story. Every business has a story. Can you forget Colonel Sanders and his secret herbs and spices? That's a story! When you define your USP and develop your story, you WILL stick in people’s minds.

Good copywriting starts with developing your USP, and then crafts marketing collateral that's based on your USP and is planned to get results. Your results are ensured with regular revision and reviews.

We'll look at your complete marketing needs and will develop your USP, your story, and your marketing collateral. Here's a partial list of our services. You can view a selection from our portfolio too.

Marketing project management for small to medium businesses

Marketing is labor-intensive. Many businesses put marketing projects like a new Web site, or a publicity campaign, on the back-burner indefinitely. This means that you're throwing money away. You're also missing golden opportunities.

What if you had someone you could trust to organize all your marketing projects, whether large or small? We've got an extensive global team ready to take on your projects. Get in touch, tell me what you need, and I'll research and develop your project tailored to your needs, your budget, and your customers.

Focused Web content generation to build your brand and credibility

Bill Gates said: "Content is king" almost a decade ago. The Web depends on text for its links. The more relevant text you have on your Web sites, the more prominent your sites will be in the search engines.

We develop content to market your business, and to develop your brand and credibility. I'll tailor your content to your needs. In addition to content for your sites, I can develop info products, blogs, newsletters and articles to build your sites' content and increase your rankings in the search engines.

Adding content to your site will increase the chances that your customers will find you, and is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Not sure that kind of content you need? Brief me today - tell me what you need, and how soon you need it.

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