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Book Proposals Ghostwritten by Top Copywriter Angela Booth

A book proposal is a sales tool. In addition to being a top copywriter, Angela Booth is an internationally published author. She offers a unique book proposal writing service to help you to sell your book in the fastest way possible.

You've written a book, or you want to write one, but writing the book proposal scares you silly...

Relax. You're in good company. Every author feels that way, until they're experienced in writing proposals. It's natural to be nervous, because without a selling proposal -- that is, one which inspires an agent or book acquisitions editor to pick up the phone and call you -- your book won't sell. You won't ever see your book on bookstore shelves.

Writing book proposals is a specialized skill

Learning to write book proposals takes time. And here's a secret: unless you've SOLD a proposal or two, you have no idea what works. Only experience in writing book proposals which win contracts makes you an expert in writing proposals.

Sadly, authors who write winning proposals write them for their own books. Writing a proposal takes time, energy, thought, and commitment.

But what if you could get a published author, who's also a top copywriter, to write your book proposal?

What if a published author, and top copywriter, wrote your book proposal?

You've done the hard work. You've written your book (or have completed a couple of chapters and an outline).

What if you could turn your material over to me, Angela Booth, and could then relax, knowing that your book proposal is being ghostwritten quickly and efficiently?

Within a few short weeks, after weekly chats with you, your book proposal and query letter will be done, ready for you to send to agents and editors.

Now you have a professional book proposal, the hard work is done... and you can sell your book

Imagine sending out professional query letters... your letters expertly describe your book, and intrigue agents and editors to ask for your proposal.

You send out your expertly written proposal...

An agent calls and asks to represent you: your book career is launched.

Imagine signing a publishing contract....

You can.

It all starts with a professional book proposal.
Fiction Proposals?
I've had some questions about fiction proposals. That is, query letters, and synopses.

A novel's synopsis can be a real challenge, and yes, I'm happy to help. Contact me and tell me about your book.

Launch your new career today: ask for a quote on your book proposal

Ready to launch your publishing career?

Contact Angela Booth.
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Useful tips from the blog...

Your Book Proposal: Make It Sell

Authors tend to panic when writing a book proposal, but it’s a straightforward process. Here’s how to look at it: you’re making a publisher a proposition for a partnership.

Your book proposal is a plan for this partnership, and has two basic elements: an appealing description of your book with some sample chapters, and a plan for marketing your book. The “marketing” aspect is more important than your description of the book, because book ideas are everywhere.

Read the article.

Want to skip the proposal? Self publish. There are benefits

You can skip the book proposal. When you self publish your book, instead of a proposal, you'll create a business and marketing plan for your book.

Many authors decide self publish, to get an idea of the market for their book. If you find yourself with a hit on your hands, and your book sells many copies each day, you won't need a proposal. Savvy literary agents and publishers who are interested in your book will buy it, and may make YOU a proposal. :-)

Each book and author is different. There have never been as many publishing options as there are today. Self publishing may be the best thing you can do for your book, for the time you save alone.

If you need inspiration, motivation and advice, you can read my writing blogs, contact me on social media, or contact me directly. Happy publishing; we wish you much success with your book.