For Writers: Visit Angela Booth's writing sites and get personal writing coaching

I've been teaching writing skills in
freelance writing, fiction, copywriting, and writing for business for almost 20 years.

Why teach writing? Because when I started to write, in the 1970s,
FINDING how-to-write material was a challenge. Libraries had few books and the online information explosion was years away. When my first novel was published, I was asked to speak at my kids' school. Six-year-olds are a tough audience, but it was fun, so I next taught fiction and freelancing at a community college. Then, I started writing how-to info for a new Australian writers' magazine, and I've been helping writers ever since.

I've got several writing sites with information just for writers, and I offer
personal coaching as well as writing classes.

Real advice from a real writer

A point I need to make about my "for writers" sites:
all the information on the sites is written by ME, based on my experiences as a writer. In my online browsing, I've found lots of sites which offer information which is plain wrong - disinformation that doesn't work. And these ways which don't work get touted by other "writers".

I can only believe that these writers aren't doing their research, or they've never written for money. On my sites, I offer practical information which WORKS for thousands of other writers and will work for you too.

So here we go - my sites for writers.

* Angela Booth's Writing Blog

I'd been blogging for several years when I started the writing blog, and this is my "fun" blog. It's got lots of information for writers of all levels of experience.

* Fab Freelance Writing site and Fab Freelance Writing Blog

A site and blog, just for freelance writers.

Fab Web Writer

Want to write for the Web? This site gives you information and guidance. As more and more print magazines move to the Web, Web-writing skills are a must-have for any writer.

Top Ebook Writer

My site for ebook writers - discover how you can make an amazing income catering to the wild hunger for information online. One ebook entrepreneur made a quarter of a million dollars in his first year. I'm not promising you such fabulous riches - but hey, who knows? If you're keen, the sky's the limit when it comes to selling information products.

* Blogging for Dollars site and Blogging For Dollars Bog

Blogging is instant publishing. It's big, and will get bigger as more and more people discover the power of blogging.

* - business writing skills.

Another new site, for corporate professionals who need to write in their everyday work.

* Just Write A Book Blog

The companion site for my new "write a book" members site, launching in October 2007.

Writing Hacker - build your writing skills.