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I've been teaching writing skills in
freelance writing, fiction, copywriting, and writing for business for almost 25 years.

Why teach writing? Because when I started to write, in the 1970s,
FINDING how-to-write material was a challenge. Libraries had few books and the online information explosion was years away. When my first novel was published, I was asked to speak at my kids' school. Six-year-olds are a tough audience, but it was fun, so I next taught fiction and freelancing at a community college.

Then, I started writing how-to info for a new Australian writers' magazine, and I've been helping writers ever since, online and offline.

I've got several writing sites with information just for writers, and I offer
personal coaching as well as writing classes.

Real advice from a professional writer

A point I need to make about my "for writers" sites:
all the information on the sites is written by ME, based on my experiences as a writer. In my online browsing, I've found lots of sites which offer information which is plain wrong -- disinformation that doesn't work. On my sites, you’ll find material which works: for my writing students, and for me.

So here we go -- my sites for writers. Enjoy. :-)

* Angela Booth's Writing Blog

I'd been blogging for several years when I started the writing blog, and this is my "fun" blog; launched in 2006. It's got lots of information for writers of all levels of experience. There’s a
freelance writers’ ezine too, which supports to blog. Subscribe -- it’s worth it for the free report. :-)

Fab Freelance Writing Blog

Just for freelance writers.

* Just Write A Book Blog

Writing a book? Get tips, advice and news for authors.

Writepreneur: Your Writing Business
Want to develop a business based on writing. This site is for you.

* The
Creativity Factory: writing, marketing, social media and more
You’ll find a mix of material on this blog.

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