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"Got 30 Days? Change Your Life."

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Begin your writing career, or break out of a slump
Solve challenges in your writing
Achieve your goals for your writing
Every writer has dreams. If you're brave enough to make yours come true, read on.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

I started my writing career in the late 1970s, and I wish I'd known then what I know now. I could have saved myself years of wasted effort, not to mention tears and drama.

If you're starting out today, you're lucky. You have unlimited opportunities to build the career you want. Naturally, there are pitfalls, but there are also solutions.

The easiest solution by far, whatever your challenge, is coaching. The right coach can inspire you, and can create step by step programs for you so that you achieve your goals.

Everyone has a coach these days: business people, athletes… There are wellness coaches to improve your health and life coaches to improve your life.

Of course there are writing coaches too.

30 Days to Writing Success

What can YOU achieve in 30 days?

In 30 days you could:

* Write a book proposal ready to shop around to literary agents and publishers;

* Write an ebook or two and publish it on Amazon;

* Get writing gigs;

* Start a magazine writing career;

* Develop a money-making blog…

You can do a lot in 30 days.

My inspiration to create a new coaching program

My coaching programs for writers are fun and effective. At the start of this year I worked with Joseph, a writer who was stuck. He had a deadline he had to meet, so there was a constraint on what we could do. We created a 30-day program, and he met his deadline.

From then on, I created 30-day programs for many students. Students loved it.

Julia suggested that I make this program widely available, so here we go: 30 Days to Writing Success.
30 Days to Writing Success

What happens in 3O Days to Writing Success?

This program is strictly time-limited to 30 days.

You receive a questionnaire, and we chat, so that we identify one primary goal for you to achieve in 30 days. I map out a program for you. You aim to spend an hour a day on the program.

Each week, we spend an hour together, usually on Skype, or via email, if you prefer. We write together and develop workflows for you so that you save time and energy as you get the results you want.

You achieve the goal you set. You'll also develop skills and strategies to help you with all your writing, going forward.
“My income has skyrocketed since I began working with Angela.” (E.C.A.)
Coaching student