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Angela Booth
Got questions about your writing? Whether you're a new writer, or are an experienced pro, I offer consultations to help you to success with your writing.

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How your consultation works: it's easy, fast and guaranteed

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Once you've booked your consultation we'll work together. Although the consultation time is nominally one hour, you don't need to take the hour all at once. Usually I'll offer some suggestions for you to follow. Afterwards (within a week or two) we'll assess how you're doing.

Consultations are guaranteed - if I say I can help you, I mean exactly that. If I feel that I can't help you at this time, I will tell you so.

Here’s what one writer, Dawn Williams, said about working with me

Exciting growth has occurred in my career in the last year, and I'm sure much of it is the result of the training I received through you. In July, my job as managing editor/marketing director of Senior News 50 and Better became full-time. In September, my work received five national journalism awards from North American Mature Publishers Association. In November, I was named Associate Publisher of SN50. My humor column, Interlude, is now syndicated, and my wellness articles for adults over 50 have been published by numerous magazines and newspapers. I can't thank you enough for the training I received from you over the years. I've developed my writing, become an adept marketer, and built the career of my dreams. Your courses gave me the tools to reach my goals and the confidence to believe it was possible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I’d love to work with you.

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Consultations are conducted via email/ Skype. The Consultation Fee is for one hour of working with you. Most students find that an hour is ample.

If this PayPal link doesn’t work for you -- people access the Internet on many different devices and various operating systems -- let me know, and we’ll give you an alternative payment method.

I look forward to writing with you - you've just taken a giant step forward in your writing career.

Please ask. Julia (my wonderful assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (sometimes minutes) on a business day.