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Get the writing coaching you need to develop the writing career you want

“My income has skyrocketed since I began working with Angela.” (E.C.A.)


Angela Booth

Want to develop a great writing career? You can, when you have a coach to offer advice, help you to avoid pitfalls, and cheer you on.

I offer writing coaching in fiction, nonfiction, copywriting, and
blogging. When you contact me about your coaching needs, tell me what your writing experience is, and what your goals are. My aim is always to help you to build the career that YOU want - fast.

Why waste months and years floundering? If you're serious about your writing, you need expert, personalized advice.

My own writing career spans 30 years. Although I started my career as a novelist, I'm now a top copywriter, magazine writer and writing teacher. When I work with you as your coach, you're hiring someone who's done what you want to do, and is still maintaining a busy schedule with copywriting clients, magazine writing, and writing teaching. This means that I have contacts who will be very useful to you, and the advice I give you is based on experience.

How coaching works

You set the coaching agenda. My students range from beginning writers struggling to make their first writing sale, to experienced writers who want to expand their writing services business, or want to sell their books. I also coach bloggers, to get started blogging, and to increase their blogging income.

The easiest way to discover whether I can help you is to get in touch.

I work with you primarily via email - it's free for you, and helps us to collaborate. You can contact me at any time. All our communications are
completely confidential.

My writing coaching fees are $300 per hour, with a ten hour minimum. I'll develop a
personal coaching program for you and the goals you want to achieve.

Like to
book a one-hour consultation? You can book a consultation at any time.

One writer’s experience

“My income has skyrocketed since I began working with Angela. I was already a full-time freelancer with many published clips, but I lacked direction and the confidence to go after high-paying assignments. Through her one-on-one coaching, I've built a professional identity that has resulted in nonstop, high-end work. I'm now in a position to pick and choose with whom I work, on what type of assignments, and on a pay scale that gives me freedom, security, and a great deal of pride. These days I am often told I charge too much -- and I laugh when I hear it, because I'm so slammed with work. Angela has helped me position myself as the top of the line in my local community, so I never worry about losing a client who doesn't want to pay me what I'm worth.” E.C.A., USA

Writing coaching program - three-month program, $3000

The program is suitable for magazine writers, bloggers, Web writers, novelists, nonfiction authors and copywriters. You can spread your coaching over weeks or months. Time requirement from you: six hours of writing time per week.

Writing and blogging coaching: six-month program, $1000 per month

This program is suitable for Web writers, bloggers, magazine writers, novelists, nonfiction authors and copywriters. Kick start your writing career - whether you're a new writer, or want to boost a stagnant career, this program gives you one hour of coaching per week. Time requirement: it's an intensive program, requiring that you have at least two hours of writing time per day.

Which personal coaching program for you? Contact us today

All of our personal coaching programs are tailored for you, and your needs.
Contact us to let us know what you’re working on and what your goals are. Angela will suggest a program, and will map it out for you.

Payment is via PayPa, credit card or bank transfer; periodic payments are available.

Please contact us when you’re ready for coaching. Our personal coaching programs are always booked.

We have set coaching programs available on our store.
For a list of current coaching programs on our store, click here.

Another writer’s experience

Thanks for your encouragement in another email you sent me. It helped me to know I'm heading in the right direction. I would never be at this stage without having read your blogs,emails, and ebooks for about 5 years now.  Sally Knitter.