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Branding: Taglines and slogans make your business memorable

When you're building a business that's ready to take on the world, a tagline is essential - with luck, it will stick in your target audience's mind, and differentiate you from your competition.

A tagline and slogan are much the same, however a slogan is just created for a single product or service, whereas a tagline becomes a symbol for a company.

A tagline consists of just a few powerful words. It's designed to stick in people's minds because it triggers the imagination, and it should subtly incorporate a key benefit. For example:

Nike's memorable: Just Do It!

De Beers' evocative: A Diamond is Forever

Nokia's great summation of its products: Connecting People

A slogan is a sentence. For example:

The movie Alien – In space, no one can hear you scream.

Apple Mac OS X Leopard - Add a new Mac to your Mac.

Revlon Age Defying (r) Makeup - Defying age... just got easier.

Get inspired and create a meaningful tagline

Keep your tagline short. It's effective when used as part of your logo, so a long tagline of more than five words is unwieldy. Since it must capture the essence of your brand, a tagline often arrives as a happy inspiration.

Many copywriters charge a considerable fee for creating a tagline. If you're stuck and no one in the company has come up with a winning tagline, it's worth paying someone to create it for you.

You need patience to create a tagline or slogan

Copywriters create great taglines and slogans by brainstorming and learning as much about a business's customers and the business itself as they can.

I've had a tagline jump into my mind within a hour of brainstorming, but often it's taken many brainstorming sessions, and much patience.

Think about your customers, the benefits you provide, and imagine your customers using your products/ services. Then create a list of keywords and phrases you might use. Make the list as long as you can.

Remember that both a tagline and slogan should inspire an emotion: what emotion do you want to create in your customers? Consider De Beers' tagline: A Diamond is Forever. Because of that tagline, diamonds became a symbol of love and commitment, and now a diamond is seen as the perfect gem for an engagement ring.

Once you've got a list of keywords and phrases, as well as an idea of the customer emotion you're aiming for, send the list around the company, and ask for comments and additions.

Next, create five taglines (or slogans, if you're trying to create a slogan), and ask for comments. Often one tagline will be most people's choice, and that's your new tagline.

Contact Angela to develop taglines and slogans

I'm happy to develop a tagline for you, and slogans as you need them for the launch of products and services. Contact me at any time.