Copywriting For Direct Response Advertising:

get the message out about your business and products

Copywriting is vital in direct response advertising, because direct response just consists of three things - your list, your offer, and the copy that sells that offer to your list.

The most important item in direct response advertising (even more important than copywriting) is your list of customers, or prospective customers.

Every business needs a customer list

Direct response marketers will tell you that the most important sales tool you have is your LIST, of current customers and prospective customers.

The best list is one that you’ve build yourself, over time.

You can buy lists of prospective customers, but your own list is the most valuable. If you’re not collecting customer names, addresses and email addresses, you’re not building the future success of your business. Start collecting customer details today.

Once you’ve got a list, whether it’s one that you’ve created yourself over time, or a list that you’ve bought, it’s time to sell to your list, by making them exclusive offers. Contacting your list need not be expensive. The easiest way to make an offer is by sending a direct response advertising LETTER. The letter may be as short as a single page, or it may be several pages long.

Direct response letters to win business

The advertising letters that you send to your prospects don’t have to be fancy.

Especially if you’re sending letters to current customers, they can be as simple as "Hi there, from Janey Sue’s Fashions - You can look great this season. Our fall line has just come in, with the cutest easy-cut trousers, just the thing for work, and play… Etc … Come and see us at any time over the next seven days, and receive a coupon for a free styling consultation (value $125), redeemable at any time over the next 12 months.".

Your letter is just a simple message from a good friend.

The copy for your direct response letter should be focused on your customer, and not on your business. Therefore, be sure that the OFFER is valuable to the customer.

The offer doesn’t have to focus on money, and even if you’re offering savings, be sure to include other inducements too. For example, in the example above, the first mention is a reference to the customer’s needs: "look great this season". Following this, the letter goes on to mention customers’ challenges, to which Janey Sue’s Fashions has the solutions.

Then the letter mentions the offer, which is the styling consultation.

The format of a direct response letter is:

  • the headline - this would usually mention the offer;
  • the body - the main part of the letter
  • the call to action; and often a
  • P.S. - A postscript.

The headline and the PS are the most important parts of a letter, because they’re the parts that most people pay attention to. Write your headline and PS first, and then write the rest of the letter to fit.

Create a super-headline

Since headlines and postscripts are read, include another headline at the top of your letter - a super-headline. This super-headline is the most important message of your letter, in brief. For Janey Sue’s Fashions, the super-headline could be - "Next seven days, book $125 styling consultations FREE, act now".

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