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Copywriting is sales writing, either overtly or subtly.

Time was when you could post your Yellow Pages ad, take out a few newspaper and radio ads, and call it done. Your business hummed. You might be annoyed at the cost of that advertising, but it did the job.

These days, advertising is a conversation.

Your customers are informed. They talk about what they want, and they talk about you, too, before and after the sale.

This means that these days, your copywriter needs to do more than just write a few ads for you. He needs to be aware that conversations are happening, and that you can use those conversations to win customers.

It's a wonderful opportunity to create
cost-effective advertising that sells.

I'm a Sydney-based copywriter, writing for clients small and large, all over the world.
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Advertising is a conversation. Your customers are informed. They talk about what they want, and they talk about you, too, before and after the sale.

Savvy sales copy services include...

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Advertising copy to inform, persuade, and sell:
Print and online (including Pay Per Click);
Website copy:
Web content that sells on your websites and blogs. Keyword-aware, but created to attract your audience, and enhance your brand;
Audiovisual copy:
Speeches, YouTube scripts, presentations, radio spots -- words to enhance your image;
Public Relations copy:
SEO online press releases, standard press releases, media packages, promotional articles… These days, your "press" releases can talk directly to your customers;
Self-promotional copy:
Brand statements, personal brand statements, bios, resumes and company histories;
Social media copy:
Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Respond, engage, and sell;

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Words Into Profits with Angela Booth

Work with veteran leading copywriter and ghostwriter,
Angela Booth. Angela works with companies all over the world, providing clear sales communications and increasing sales. Author of business books by major publishers, Angela offers ghostwriting services too, helping you to publish magazine articles and books which enhance your reputation.

Need Web content? Angela's book
"Making the Internet Work for Your Business", was one of the first business books guiding companies to make sales online. With many websites of her own, Angela knows the Web; she'll help you to develop content which meets your business goals.

For more information, please Google "Angela Booth" -- Angela was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. She has an extensive online presence.