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No time to write? Here’s an easy solution

Commission your friendly ghost. (Ghostwriter, that is. :-))

Angela ghostwrites everything from short speeches, to books, and…
Executive ghostwriting too
Angela’s executive and CEO ghostwriting services include speech and keynote writing, as well as presentation writing and blogging.
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Angela works with companies large and small...

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Angela Booth’s blogs

I first started blogging in 1999/ 2000. After all these years, you'd think blogging would get old. It doesn't. I adore blogging; it's instant publication, and is always a joy.

Angela Booth's Writing Blog -- anything and everything related to writing. I first started this blog in 2004. There's a mass of material on it, enjoy browsing. :-)

Fab Freelance Writing Blog -- this blog helps writers to make money from their words. It has a companion ezine, which offers free writing tips each week.

* The
Creativity Factory Blog -- although I started this blog in 2006 to chat about copywriting, the blog also touches on marketing, writing, and more.

Just Write a Book Blog -- tips, motivation and inspiration for you if you're writing a book.

Angela Booth's Writing and Reading Life -- new. This is a scrapbook blog, for my own amusement. If you love to read, and write, you may enjoy it too. It's a Tumblr experiment; I'm now recommending Tumblr to my students for fast and easy no-cost blogging.

Writing Genii Blog - our latest blog. The Writing Genii website has been revamped, and now houses our Free Content Library, for writers and other creatives.

You can contact me at any time, on any of my blogs -- or leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.
Client Erik Kopp's comment on working with Angela: "I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance. I have made more progress towards my goals in the months I have spent following your advice that I have made in the years that preceded."
From a subscriber: 97% of my incoming e-mail gets the magic 'Delete' button; but NOT Angela Booth. We love ya! Thanks! Bill Powelson

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